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Leidolt receives 2014 INDEGA IPM Innovation Award

Flower Pack called Harald Leidolt his machine which receives with a fork pots off the treadmill and is in transport or Kulturtrays. With this idea he has the INDEGA IPM Innovation Award won in 2014. Leidolt engineering from Singen operates in automation technology in commercial horticulture for over 40 years.

The jury, chaired by Prof. Dr. Thomas Rath, University of Osnabrück, particularly appreciated the innovative approach of the idea that is at booth B15 to see in full function in Hall 3. The Flower Pack facilitates the work by automating frequently recurring processes and therefore includes a time-and energy-consuming gap in the pot processing.

The core of the design are three circumferential gripping forks remove the pots directly from the anthology and settle in transverse thereto current trays. Leidolt is constructed to a compact, flexible and applicable to different points of the machine production process. With the Flower Pack also smaller companies automate their production.