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INDEGA German Products for Horticulture

INDEGA is a business alliance of 80 German companies that offer different products, plants and services for horticulture.
Most owner-managed small and medium enterprises are the leading and innovative companies in the horticultural industry in Germany. In order to pool their interests more and maintain the exchange of information among themselves, they have joined forces to represent the interests of German industry for horticulture (INDEGA).

A very important point is the common appearance. The INDEGA determines the interests of their members in new and established markets at home and abroad. It supports its members through this collection of data, market research and trade fairs to find new markets and ensure established.

For foreign companies, organizations and institutions, it is a first point of contact for inquiries and is happy to advise contacts with competent member companies. It aims to promote the idea of ​​networking and the exchange of information with external partners. We also like to answer their questions. You can reach us under