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Dr. Kraushaar - Sachverständigenbüro Gartenbau

Consultancy and investment advisory services, expert office

Appraisals and valuations /Publicly appointed and sworn expert
Review of undeveloped and developed land, whole plants and enterprises in all specialty areas of horticulture, for buildings, Production and sales greenhouses and gardens and woody plants. Exemplary rating events: purchase & sale cases, leases, withdrawal cases, inheritance and matrimonial disputes.

Financing and funding advice /Investing care delivery process
Financing and funding optimization / development of complete funding applications including financing and investment concept. Conveyor support and representation with authorities, banks, funding agencies and contractors.

Business management consultancy
Business analysis and operational assessment, performance indicators and comparison operation, business plans and strategies, liquidity and profitability planning, rating and financial advice, Crisis management and restructuring, business creation, succession~ and restructuring.

Dr. Kraushaar - Sachverständigenbüro Gartenbau
Amalienpark 2 · 13187 Berlin · Germany

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