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INDEGA members strengthen contacts in China

The Hortiflorexpo IPM China is an integral part of the INDEGA exhibition program. This year, nine companies were in Beijing on organized by the INDEGA German pavilion represented: GEFOMA, Lehei, msd Möschle-Seifert, STEP system TEKU Poeppelmann, earthworks Ziegler, the INDEGA and the IPM Essen exhibition itself The Association of German Florists had not only decorated the booth, he saw with his floristry demonstrations repeatedly for attention among the visitors. Overall, the participating companies gave a positive summary.

The show was well attended and is certainly the most important platform for the huge Chinese market gardening. What is striking is the ever-increasing professionalism and specialization in production operations. Well-trained employees and managers who have often studied in Europe, attach importance to international networks. You have a great interest in modern production technology that they use on a large scale.

As part of an accompanying program offered to visitors could take a picture of it on a visit, as it looks today in a high-tech Chinese horticultural companies. This fact has contributed to the favorable judgment at the German Pavilion.

However, it also notes Sven Hoping, export manager of TEKU Poeppelmann, requires the
Structure of the sales market of China from the perspective of a European plastics processing a lot of patience and perseverance. “Our goal for this year's IPM Hortiflorexpo in Beijing was mainly the development of professional contacts in the Chinese horticulture,” he adds. “That worked out well.” The huge size of the Chinese market have also this year again for many new contacts. In addition, there is currently certainly no better platform to get an overview of the Chinese market gardening. “The presence in the German Pavilion and the support of the INDEGA are for us a good solution.” Impressed Hoping revealed by the large number of European companies that exhibited in Beijing.
The fair Hortiflorexpo-IPM is from 23 – April 26, 2015 again held in Shanghai. At the request of INDEGA there will be a promotion to the German Pavilion by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.